Q: How Do I Schedule A Reiki Session?

A: The first step is to purchase a session or reach out to me (through the Contact page) if you have any questions before making the purchase. And once the purchase is made, I will reach out to you via email (using the provided email address recorded at checkout). When I reach out, I will discuss which dates and times are available for a session, and answer any questions that you may have. In that email, I will also send you a Client Intake Form, which should be returned to me, 24 hours before the scheduled Healing Session. Once the session is scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation and then you are all set.

Q: How Many Reiki Treatments/Healing Sessions Do I Need?

A: This is not an easy question as there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We are all unique and have different needs. We are drawn to different things that will help us – perhaps because our needs are different or we are at different stages of growth in life. So when it comes to answering this question, I would say trust your instincts. Personally, I’ve had a few clients who have come every week or two, for a period of time (maybe a few months), and then take a break then resume sessions. And I have also had some semi-regular clients who would come about twice a month.

So again, it just depends. But, It’s generally best to receive three to five Reiki treatments one to two weeks apart. And then once you see yourself improving you could always space out treatments to one month or six weeks apart. And many of my clients seek treatment once a week until the desired goal is reached and then follow up as needed. So again, it’s a personal choice. But receiving regular Reiki treatments is excellent self-care and it helps to maintain holistic balance.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Cancellations made 48 hours in advance of scheduled appointments will receive a 100% refund. Sessions canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled session will receive no refund and be rescheduled for a more convenient date and time.

Q: What Is The Client Intake Form?

A: The Client Intake Form is a form that I give to all of my clients containing questions regarding their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It gives me a baseline, so to speak, of where my clients are and where they wish to go on their healing journey. It lets me know how my clients are feeling before I begin the Reiki session as well as gives me a feel for what they would like for me to focus on during the Healing Session.

Q: Am I Able To Reach Out To Get More Info About The Healing Process?

A: Absolutely, I enjoy it whenever my clients and potential clients reach out! I am here, ready, willing, and happy to answer any and all questions that may arise.

Q: What Does A Distance Healing Entail?

A: I perform my Energy Healing Sessions remotely, via distance. I do not need to call, or physically see/hear you, in order to connect – there is no link to the session and there is no need to be online during the time frame. I do not record or film the sessions, however I do take notes, which will be emailed to you as mentioned below.

Q: How Should I Prepare For A Healing Session?

A: During the time frame of the Healing Session– if possible – please try to meditate or be in a relaxed environment. If that’s not possible, that’s okay– just be as open as you possibly can, wherever you are. If you’ll be asleep during the time of your Healing Session, that’s fine; you can simply meditate to prepare yourself for the attunement before you go to sleep. 

Q: What Is A Reiki Report?

A: The Reiki Report summarizes what I experienced during the healing session.  It covers the health of your chakras as well as the health of the energy moving throughout your body, and any blockages I encountered during the Reiki session.

Q: When Will I Receive The Reiki Report?

A: Once the session has been completed, on the following day, I will send you an email (using the email address recorded on the Client Intake Form) containing the detailed Reiki Report to confirm that it has been performed.